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Did you know that the U.S holds about 30,000 senior homes? The number of elderly people in these homes stands at around 1.2 million. If you have elderly adults in your home approaching the age of 60, you may already be thinking about assistance with daily activities for them in the years to come.

Personal Care and Assistance | Blossom Valley Oasis LLC | Assisted Living HomeWhen to select assisted living home services?

Some families feel helpless and have a lot of questions about deciding to move an elderly loved one into a senior living or assisted living facility. The truth is, there is no perfect time. Although age plays a significant role, their health status, personal needs, and medical needs play a huge role.

Everyone likes to believe that they will always have time to take care of a loved one when that loved one can’t do it themselves. The fact of the matter is that that is usually not the case. Since the mid 1970’s, the mother and the father have both had to work to keep the family afloat and that means there is not a lot of time to take care of a family member, when two members of the household are both at work during the day.

How to decide when Personal Care and Assistance will be needed?

There are several questions you need to ask yourself before making the ultimate decision to move an elderly loved one to an assisted Living Home. One, can they comfortably take care of themselves while you are away? That is, can they bathe themselves?

Two, can they perform the normal activities of daily living on their own? If they are under medication, are they in a position to remember to take them or take them on time? Do they know how many of each medication they need? What if they take too many or not enough?

Of course, there are many more questions to ask yourself. However, if most of the answers to these questions are a no, then you should definitely start thinking about or planning for the best Assistance with Activities of Daily Living services for them and looking at different options in regards to senior care homes.  

Services Offered in an Assisted Living Home

When you and your family have sat down, discussed, planned or decided to move your loved one to an assisted living facility or home, you must know the kind of services they offer. The reason is because it gives you an idea of the type of Personal Care and Assistance they will be getting there.

First, there should be medical assessment of your loved one describing what basic health care will be needed and some customized care for your unique family member’s needs. They should create this after checking the senior’s medical histories.

Next, there should be nursing services available in case of any emergency and on-site caregivers who are able to assist your loved one with 24/7 assistance with activities of daily living; day and night.

For personal services, all seniors should be bathed and kept clean daily, helped while getting dressed and assistance with proper hygiene tasks like brushing teeth and help with toiletry duties to keep your loved one clean.

They should also be assisted when they need to move around to areas such as the bathroom, eating areas or any other activity where they are seated or laying down by either helping them walk or by use of a wheelchair.

Your family member must also be monitored and assisted when taking their medication and when not in use, the medication needs to be locked away. When taking their medication, it needs to be on time and documented in a log to keep track of what medications need to be taken and at what time in order to prevent medication mishaps.

Mental and Emotional Well Being

It is very understandable that when you or your family have decided to place a loved one into an Assisted Living Home, there can be some stress at first from coping with a new environment, and different surroundings.

It is very important to keep your family members mental and emotional wellbeing in mind with these changes. Having some activities to keep your loved one occupied is crucial and visiting them regularly will help ease the stress during this time.

There are some simple ways that assisted living homes can make their new family members feel at home. One way is to make sure that their room is an empty canvas so that they can place any pictures or belongings inside that reminds them of family and items they are used to.

Another way is to make sure that the facility has TV entertainment so that your loved one can watch their favorite shows anytime they want or that they are given recreational time to put a puzzle together and or read a good book.

However, it is also very important that your loved one gets out of the house; whether by going on walks to get exercise and going on trips or excursions to get out into the world and socialize with their communities.

*Note: With the Pandemic the nation is facing now, it may be best to limit these activities to short walks or exercises outside of the living facility now until it is safe for them to go out. It is important that the facility you choose is following the CDC guidelines strictly. *

Considerations to Guide You to the Right Assisted Living Facility or Home

With so many Assisted Living Homes surrounding you, it may be hard finding the ideal one for your family member. Below is the guideline you should follow.

  • Consider the expertise of the caregivers and staff. Are they adequately trained and capable of safely assisting your loved one with their Activities of Daily Living? (ADL’s)
  • Consider the ratio of the team compared to the patients. Your loved one needs one on one personal care and assistance. Make sure that the assisted living home can adequately handle this.
  • Consider the cost of their services. Placing your loved one in a Senior Board and Care can be a large financial obligation. An Affordable Assisted Living Home that also meets your family members Personal Care and Assistance is the best option.
  • Consider the size of the facility or home. A larger facility may give your loved one a lot more activities to choose from, but at the same time they may feel as if they are just another number in a nursing home like atmosphere. Smaller assisted Living Homes are more affordable and your loved one will be treated more like a family member.
  • Consider the services and amenities available. As stated above, larger facilities are going to have more amenities available, but those amenities are going to come with a higher price tag. Many families come to find out that smaller assisted living homes come with amazing services and amenities that are adequate for their loved one’s capabilities.
  • Consider the location. Size is not everything when it comes to senior care. Is the area safe for your loved one? Is it located in a busy or noisy street? Is the Residence itself quiet? Is the facility close to you? Keep these things in mind when deciding on an assisted living home.
  • Consider the staffs’ attitudes. Are the employees and management friendly and courteous to you and your loved ones? Do they appear fake in front of you and are only interested in a paycheck? What do you sense from their attitudes and personalities?

Personal Care and Assistance is crucial if you have a senior family member at home. Finding the right assisted living home will help you take good care of your loved one. Whether you are searching for one online or offline, you should always take an extra step and visit the home to feel the surroundings. Schedule an appointment or Contact Us today to learn more about Blossom Valley Oasis LLC | Assisted Living Home.

Where do I receive personal care services?

Your loved one will receive “Live In” senior care at Blossom Valley Oasis LLC | Assisting Living Home and will receive 24 Hour Assistance with a caregiver who provides one on one care assistance and support.

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