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When your loved one is a Resident at Blossom Valley Oasis LLC | Assisted Living Home, all their basic Assistance with Daily Living Activities (ADL’s) are completely fulfilled. Our focus is to keep them healthy and provide them with the independent lifestyle that they so cherish. Light Housekeeping and Domestic Duties is no exception.


Our Caregivers take care of the menial tasks so your loved one can relax with peace of mind that all these duties are taken care of. While at our home, your family member will not have to worry about doing any type of cleaning or housework. Our Caregivers are tasked with maintaining a clean environment with a tidy, organized and clutter free living space.


Light Housekeeping and domestic duties at Blossom Valley Oasis means that after your loved one is served with a meal, we take their dish and make sure that it is washed, stored back into the cupboard and we clean the pots, pans, stove and countertops. We continually sweep and mop the floors keeping the kitchen spotless.


Your loved one can rely on the fact that after a shower or bath, we collect their washcloths and towels put them in the washing machine and lay out clean and dry washcloths/towels for the next time. We also make sure that the shower/bathtub, sinks, and toilet are cleaned after each use to maintain a clean and sanitary bathroom.


Other types of tasks and duties that our caregivers provide is dusting furniture and clearing cobwebs, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming main walkway areas and picking up and taking out the trash. Light Housekeeping can also mean, keeping the house clutter free by picking up remote controls, books or magazines off of the floor and keeping closets, shelves, countertops and tabletops organized.


Although our caregivers provide a lot of domestic duties and light housekeeping, they are not required to do any heavy housekeeping tasks like heavy lifting, moving furniture, window washing or any outdoor maintenance like pulling weeds, mowing the lawn or trimming bushes. Blossom Valley Oasis LLC | Assisted Living Home management handles all the outside work so that our Caregivers concentrate more on assisting your loved one; which is our #1 priority. 


Light Housekeeping and domestic duties is important to maintain a sanitary home, but our purpose is to care for your loved one. So, at Blossom Valley Oasis the rule for our Caregivers is to have them spend 90% of their time assisting and interacting directly with your loved one and the rest of the time, can be spent cleaning and organizing. However, we emphasize to our caregivers to continually clean up after themselves and after every chore or task.


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What other types of services are available?

Our Qualified Caregivers have the experience and compassion to provide assistance with everyday personal care tasks, such as:

  • Assisting with morning and evening routines
  • Bathing (showers, baths, sponge baths, bed baths)
  • Restroom activities (toilet assistance, incontinence, accident monitoring and prevention)
  • Personal hygiene/grooming (hair care, skin care, oral care, nail care)
  • Dressing (clothing selection and assistance)
  • Mobility (transfers, walking, range of motion exercises, light exercise)
Where do I receive personal care services?

Your loved one will receive “Live In” senior care at Blossom Valley Oasis LLC | Assisting Living Home and will receive 24 Hour Assistance with a caregiver who provides one on one care assistance and support.

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