Residential Assisted Living Facility
in Pomona CA
We provide Personalized Senior Care for your loved one, who cherishes independent living,
in a loving home environment with compassionate caregivers.
Contact Us! Blossom Valley Oasis | 975 Asbury Ave | Pomona, CA 91767 | (909) 741-7578
Blossom Valley Oasis | Assisted Living Home | Elderly Board and Care in Pomona ca Residential Senior Care Homes
In Pomona CA
Aging Care Services include assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL's) such as: Bathing,
restroom activities, incontinence care, grooming, personal hygiene, dressing and walking.
Contact Us! Blossom Valley Oasis | 975 Asbury Ave | Pomona, CA 91767 | (909) 741-7578
Residential Assisted Living Homes in Pomona ca Residential Independent Living Facility
For the Elderly in Pomona CA
We have vetted an incredible team of Experienced, Professional and Qualified Caregivers
who are truly passionate about and committed to providing the highest quality of care
for your loved one.
Contact Us! Blossom Valley Oasis | 975 Asbury Ave | Pomona, CA 91767 | (909) 741-7578
An Affordable Senior Care Home or Independent Living Facility in Pomona

Residential Assisted Living Facility in Pomona CA

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a secure and loving assisted living home. We pride ourselves on exceptional care to seniors who appreciate a healthy and safe environment, while still maintaining the need for an independent quality of life that they cherish.

– Dhylva Martinez De Metzler

Senior Care Is Easier Than Ever!

Let us care for your loved ones like family.
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Why Choose Us?


  • Blossom Valley Oasis LLC was Incorporated in 2016 and licensed in March of 2020. We are family owned and licensed for 6 ambulatory residents with 2 Hospice waivers.
  • Our services include assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as Personal Hygiene; bathing, grooming, dressing, eating, and medication monitoring.
  • We assist your loved one while transferring from one area to another by helping them stand up from a seated position and help them walk or use a wheel chair to get them in and out of bed safely and securely.
  • When it is time to bathe, we get them into our open showers with safety rails, and into a comfortable and secure shower chair, keeping them clean every day.
  • Blossom Valley Oasis staff assists with Toileting if your family member has trouble sitting or does not have the ability to wipe themselves properly.
  • We monitor those who may not be mentally aware that they need to relieve themselves, as well as provide incontinence supplies to keep a hygienic residence and healthy loved one.
  • Our Central Dining Program includes 3 Full Course meals a day keeping your family members likes and dislikes in mind and nutritional snacks in-between.
  • We provide educational activities, exercise activities, Some Health Services and medication monitoring and or assistance.
  • Our Home stays clean with housekeeping and maintenance and we include organized recreational activities keeping your loved ones interests in mind.
  • Blossom Valley Oasis takes care of personal and or impersonal laundry services, and we arrange transportation to and from social services, meetings, appointments or religious activities.
  • Our Wellness programs are tailored to your loved one and we monitor their physical and mental health daily with 24-hour supervision and security with Cameras throughout our Residence.
  • Your family members nurse or primary care physician will come by weekly to check on their status and provide invaluable health related services and will be on call when needed.
  • We truly treat your loved ones like they are a part of our family, because they are.
(covid restrictions limit inside tours at this time) *Our visiting hours are from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm for nursing staff and approved family members only*

Call us now to set up an outside tour! (909) 296-4469 or you can email us at: and we’ll get back to you shortly to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for considering Blossom Valley Oasis LLC | Assisted Living Home.

Read the Reviews and Testimonials about Blossom Valley Oasis LLC Below:

Blossom Valley Oasis has set the standard for what an assisted living facility should be. They have a clean, beautifully decorated house, inside and out. The staff is friendly and inviting and residents receive delicious, home-cooked meals daily. They have really gone above and beyond in caring for their residents, and they treat your loved ones as if they were their own. I’d highly recommend this facility if you’re looking for a home away from home for your loved one.

Gabriel Smith (Google)

The Blossom Valley Oasis faculty is a highly recommended place for a loved one who can no longer care for themselves. It is a home setting where patients are limited to 6 so that each of the patients do not feel like they are in a hospital setting but more of a home setting. The place is carefully and totally kept cleaned. The staff is encouraged to not only care for each patient, but to also learn from each patient. The main owner is a very good cook and is prepared to meet the culinary standards and needs of each individual and their dietary needs and choices.


Howard Lachberg (Google)

Blossom Valley Oasis is a great place, very clean and the staff is very friendly. I highly recommend!


Erika Soto (Google)

24-Hour Assisted Living Facility in Pomona, CA 91767

Allow your loved one to maintain an Independent Lifestyle with 24/7 caregiver assistance

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Getting quality Home Care with BLOSSOM VALLEY OASIS is easier than ever. Let us treat your loved ones like family!

The Best Assisted Living Home in Pomona, CA

Blossom Valley Oasis LLC | Assisted Living Home: Live-In Senior Care near Pomona ca and surrounding cities; We serve Claremont ca, Montclair ca, La Verne ca, Upland ca, Chino ca, San Dimas ca, and other Los Angeles County Cities nearby.


Looking For licensed assisted living homes near me? Dhylva Martinez De Metzler and her family owned licensed senior board and care License # 198603258 is a reputable and affordable assisted living home or 24-hour live in elderly home care residence who specializes in:

  • Senior Care
  • Personal Care
  • Parkinson's Disease Care
  • Companion Care
  • Emotional Care
  • Ambulatory Care
  • 24 Hour Care

Blossom Valley Oasis provides the most affordable assisted Living services. We are a budget-friendly Senior Care Home; Cost effecient elderly assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL's) with 24-Hour caregivers to assist your loved one. 

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